At the moment, this is where I am.

Okay, I’ve been reluctant to read the Fifty Shades books because of something someone said about them. This person is into the lifestyle and despises the books because she says they make the ‘lifestyle’ seem abusive. I decided to form my own opinion and read anyways.

My friend loaned me the first book, no joke, later that day. I started reading the first book, and now I’m halfway through it. Honestly, I’m not seeing the abusive part that the other someone claimed was there. Just the opposite, in fact, but I am only just beginning. And besides, I have a somewhat submissive side anyways and it has my mind open to the things that I’m reading, and things I’ve learned about the lifestyle before even opening this book. I think my openness to this world is partly because of the way I was raised. The typical ‘respect, honor, and yes, obey your husband’ mindset was ingrained in me at a young age, mostly by visual learning, just watching the way my parents interacted. And I don’t mean it in a perverse way, because that’s just gross. Who wants to think about their parents in that way.

Anyway, back to the subject. I’m rambling again. Mr. Grey is affecting my writing tremendously. D’mitri is taking on a whole new personality now. Thank you Christian for whispering in his ear. I’m sure I will both learn to hate certain aspects of D’mitri’s personality and at the same time, love him more for them. It’s been rough for D’mitri waiting for his female. Maybe that’s why he’s being so… male right now. Poor Ava has no idea what she’s in for. Then again, neither does D’mitri. *cue evil laugh*

❤ Mel

P.S. Riding crop. That is all. 😀


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