A little something from LZ :)

Ali stood with her back against the shower wall, while Nicolai washed his hair. She watched his chest, arms, and shoulders flex and release as he worked the thick lather through the dark mass.

When he stepped back under the fall of water to rinse, Ali watched as the soapy water slid down over his dark skin. She followed the suds at first with her eyes, and then she reached out and slid her fingers over his slippery, hot skin.

Nicolai stepped forward out of the spray and rubbed his face clear of the excess water. When he looked down at her, Ali smiled, and he leaned down to give her a quick, gentle kiss.

Her first instinct was to wrap her arms around him and beg him to take her right there, but she knew they would be late for Maggie’s birthday dinner. She couldn’t bring herself to do that, not after the last time, when she’d just left without telling Maggie. Of course Maggie had been thoroughly worried about her, and Ali wasn’t about to do that to her on her birthday.

Ali meant to step out of the shower, but her hands on Nicolai’s slick skin made her mind wander to all the possibilities…

Stop thinking those tempting thoughts, and I will not force you to worry your friend again.

Ali laughed. Fine. She turned to step out of the shower, I understand if you don’t want me right now, and I’ll just have to wait until we get home to…

Her breath escaped her quickly when a big arm came around her waist and jerked her back against his hard body. Do not ever think I do not want you. I want you with every breath I draw.

Just the sound of his voice in her head would’ve made her heat inside, but she was already scorching with him pressed against her. He abruptly released her, and she nearly fell from the sudden weakness of her legs. When she struggled from the shower and took a towel from the rack, she inhaled deeply, trying to free her head of the images flashing through her mind.

She looked back at Nicolai, and knew she had to get out of the bathroom. His eyes had gone iridescent and he was watching her like he was going to pounce at any second. As he took the showerhead and began rinsing the soap from his hard body, she had to look away, or she was going to let him make her late for the party.

sexy beast

*I thought this pic fit Nico’s look*


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