Update on Her Lost Angel

I just wanted to let yall know where things stand at the moment, since I haven’t posted on my blog in a little while.

A couple of my proofreaders got back to me on Her Lost Angel (HLA), and I totally agree with their assessment of the book. While the overall view of HLA was good, there are a few major issues (what I consider major) that need to be worked out. When I sent the book out, I knew there were problems and I knew I had to get an outside view on what was written so I could sort out the things that I left out of the story either by simple omission or because I didn’t think of it. I just have to say that most of it was simply overlooked even though I had addressed it mentally or in my notes, but just forgot to add it to the actual book.

I have a busy day ahead of me, and I very much look forward to getting everything straightened out. Now I cant wait for my other two to finish proofing so I can get their input on HLA too. I look forward to smoothing out all the rough edges and getting some queries sent out soon. That way I can be that much closer to getting HLA out to the public.

After I finish with HLA, I will continue working on my ‘secret side project’ but mostly I will be preparing The Cherished One (book 2 of the Jagara Series) for self-publishing. I learned a lot from publishing the first book and I will apply all of it to book two before it is released. I guess the release of book two depends heavily on the outcome of HLA and whether I get an agent.

Anyway, I just wanted to let yall know what’s been going on since the last time I posted. I hope this week is great and non-stressful for everyone. Until next time…

Mel 🙂


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