The coming month…

Hey everybody. Just a heads up…There’s gonna be a promotional thing going on for Lost Zendori starting Nov 7th and it lasts through the 13th. It’s part of a new promotional thing that Amazon has. LZ will be available at a discounted price, so anyone that still hasn’t got it, but wants it, that would be a good time to get it. I’ll remind everybody when it starts, and you can share it with anyone you think might want it.

On another note…
Her Lost Angel is coming along nicely, but I will still have some changes to make when all my proofers/brainstormers finish going over my second draft. 🙂 Loving this process by the way. Every author needs a team of peeps (yes, I said peeps lol) with opinions they can trust, that can help the author see the path the book is supposed to go, and help steer her back when she starts to go off track. Yeah, that’s me. Overthinking things…Veering off-track… See. I’m doing it now. lol.

Anyway… today, I will really dig into The Cherished One (book 2 of the Jagara series) I have a lot of work ahead of me. Although I’m not participating in NaNoWriMo, I am setting a personal goal for getting D’mitri and Ava’s book finished by the end of the month. If nothing else, I want to have the first draft done by then. I would say wish me luck, but I would rather have the ability to tune out all the distractions and write instead of getting sidetracked. 😀

That’s all for now. Just letting yall know what’s coming this month. More updates will come…and I was thinking of posting a little something from either Her Lost Angel or something from The Cherished One. I’ll see what I can dig up. 🙂

❤ Mel


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