Her Lost Angel excerpt…

It has been a while since I posted an excerpt, so I decided to share with my natives a taste of Her Lost Angel. This is part of a scene with some secondary characters… a little behind the main story happenings.


As Nickolas was about to lunge for Amos, Ylenia stepped in front of him and faced the thoughtless male. “You choose unwise words, as usual!” Ylenia snapped. “At your age, you should know better than to provoke a Creator.”

Amos frowned. “I did not mean to offend you, Nickolas. I was only pointing out—”

When Nickolas growled louder, Stefan spat, “Shut your mouth, Amos!”

A small whimper stopped everyone in place. All eyes went to Darcy. Please stop. You are frightening me, she whimpered into Nickolas’s mind.

His growl died down when he heard her fear, and his eyes drifted to hers. I am sorry, but he insulted you.

I do not care. I want to go home. With pleading eyes, she said to him, Please take me home. I thought I could be here, but I cannot.

You will be alright, Nickolas tried.

Darcy shook her head and with tears in her wide eyes, she said to him in a panicked tone, Please! I have to go. I cannot do it. Please take me from here!

Nickolas brushed a gentle hand over her cheek, wiping away some of her tears. All is well, my sweet. I will find a place for you to rest. When he lifted his eyes back to the others, he forced a calmer expression and said, “I need some place private.”

Viorela spoke up. “I have a dwelling near here. It is very secluded.”

“Thank you,” Nickolas said grateful for the female’s understanding. “Please take us there.”

Nickolas knew he had to make this quick. He could not miss this gathering because his sweet Darcy was having a panic attack.


And now I have to get back to work on The Cherished One. I only have a few tweaks to make to two or three scenes, I need to add a good chunk to an existing scene, and I’m still debating on whether to add a new scene to a certain part of the book for…character development. lol. Ava & D’mitri’s story is so close to being done I can taste it.

❤ Mel


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