On to the next one…

Now that the first draft of The Cherished One   book 2 of the Jagara series   is complete, and a new week has begun, I’m gonna move on to the next book. I’m so excited to be starting fresh this week. My original plan was to go back to the book that started it all for me, Matt & Elizabeth’s book, but I’m thinking I’ll probably just stick to the Veil of Night series and the Jagara series for now…unless I feel compelled to go back to the Descendants series or maybe Gavril starts talking to me again. 😉 We’ll see how I feel once I start writing. 

As far as The Cherished One, I’m going to let it permeate for a bit and once I get my notes back from my proofers/critique group, I’ll get started on edits. Then once I’m satisfied with the outcome of the book, I’ll send it to my editor, and then go from there. Lost Zendori was published June 30 2013, and I think   if everything goes smoothly    The Cherished One will be published before June 2014. I’ll keep yall updated. 

❤ Mel 🙂


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