Azores Islands, Portugal


I wish I could’ve seen this part of the islands while we were there nine years ago, but unfortunately, we were stuck at the airport. 😦 What I could see as we landed and took off again was beautiful. I’d love to live in Portugal for a while, maybe learn the language, speak with locals about their heritage and folklore. I think it would be good for the Jagara series since their ancestors are from Portugal. I haven’t gone too far into that yet in the books, but I may dive into that one day. Until then, I am moving on to Zavier’s story/book three in the series. I originally had his story later in the series, but recently realized that it is next. Zavier…he is a troubled male and his troubles grow even more when fate throws him a curve ball. I cant wait to really dig into this book. It’s going to be emotionally draining for me to write. Hell, just knowing what is coming is emotionally draining.

Anyway, off to work I go.
❤ Mel


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