The Madness

I spent most of the day re-plotting the story line of a series I’ve been working on recently. And…Wow! Sometimes I forget how chaotic my mind is until I put some of it out there for someone else to help me sort through. I just have to say, every author needs someone to ramble to, someone to help them work shit out. (Even if its just to take you in a wide circle only to come back to where you started, so you can find that the simple answer was the best answer.) Sometimes you just need an outside view of things and maybe a push in the right direction…or a brilliant suggestion that you never would’ve thought of yourself because you are too deep in your own world to see it.

So, here’s to the ones that trek into the madness of an author’s mind and come out forever changed. You are truly brave souls.  

❤ Mel


P. S. I think I have the story line figured out, but who knows if it will be the final one. lol. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to refocus on the actual writing. 🙂



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