Made it through the Weekend!

Weekends are always tough for me. Well, Sunday is anyway. A wise author once said, “You need time off at least once a week to recharge so you can come back to whatever you are working on with a fresh eye.” When I first started writing, I designated Sunday my ‘day off’ and though I know its good for me, it sometimes drives me crazy. Sometimes its not really a day off anyway, because unless I force myself to stay busy doing other things, my mind is always on my work. I’m always thinking of whatever has been giving me trouble, or thinking of where I want the story to go next, or working out a new idea.

Well, this time I made it through the weekend with a little more progress than I expected. Saturday was spent working on Lending Staci, one of the short stories in my new project, Underground Fantasies.


This project is fun. Some of the stories are actual fantasies of people I know. I thought it would be fun to bring them to life and put my own twist to them. I’m excited that Lending Staci is turning out so well already. I spent half the day working on it and it just flowed so well, I almost finished the first draft. Super excited for this next weekend so I can dig back into it. I hope the others flow as well as this one. Here’s a pic of the man that inspired one of the characters in the story. His name is Blue, and he is a Dom.


This pic was quite inspiring too…


I’m really enjoying this project, but today is Monday and it is time to dig back into my other project. Who knows…maybe I’ll get a wild hair up my ass and post an excerpt later.

On another note, one of my author friends (Ms. Dawn Ibanezis having a cover reveal for her new book today, and I cant wait. 🙂

Anyway, off to work I go. The beast is calling.



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