Social Media Following

After reading another blogger’s post this morning, it got me to thinking…

Some people have had a huge success at building a following with the different social media platforms. While I think it’s great that you can get yourself out there and meet so many new people this way, I’m not sure being social is my thing. lol. Yes, I try, but my writing is my biggest time consumer (when I’m not dicking around on the internet). Being an author gives me the freedom to be me and to share the worlds rattling around in my head, and I love it. I just wish I could expand my audience more.

Facebook has been my biggest success. A handful on there are close friends and family, but the biggest part of that following are a group of book fans that I met through another author’s fan page. They started a private group and things escalated. Now I have all these crazy cool friends that I can share more than just my writing with, and I hope to meet them in person some day.

I think Twitter would work better for me if I could figure the thing out, but so far, I haven’t quite got the hang of things there yet. 

This blog is slowly building a following and it always makes me happy to see when new people join my ramblings.

Though my total following isn’t huge yet, I just want to say how much I appreciate each of the ones I do have. Maybe one day I’ll have a following like J R Ward or Christine Feehan. Not because I want to be famous, but because knowing the more people enjoy my writing, the less I feel like my worlds are wasted. If I was the only one, I wouldn’t be enjoying this as much. I love being able to share my worlds with people and having you all enjoying it as much as I am is so rewarding.

Thanks again. 🙂

Much love, 




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