17 March 2014

Though writing was tough last week, I had a breakthrough and busted 54,000 words on my current project. Hopefully this week is even more productive than last. 🙂

I spent the weekend watching season one of Game of Thrones…finally! I have to say, Khal Drogo was a huge influence on my Gavril (from my Warriors of Lykarthia series) even before I saw the show. But after watching, I’m feeling a bit more in love with Gavril. I cant wait to see where his story takes me when the end finally comes. And I’m sure there are those of you who are missing him immensely.


Anyway, I just wanted to remind everybody about Teaser Tuesday on my Facebook Author Page. I’ll be posting a teaser every Tuesday leading up to the release of The Cherished One, book 2 of the Jagara series. I cant wait to post the next teaser. That means it’s one week closer to TCO being released.


♥ Mel


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