It is getting closer!

Another week begins, and it is going to be a good one. I know the natives are restless, but I have some good news. There is lots going on this week to get The Cherished One out there. It is looking like it could possibly be published as early as next week. I’m getting so giddy about this. Book two is finally almost ready. Though there were some glitches with Lost Zendori, it was received well. I learned a lot during the process of getting that one ready, and book two is going so much smoother. I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks. I know I’m loving how it is turning out.


I hope I can get some more time in this week with my other project. It is so close to being finished and I can’t wait til it is because I’m ready to dig into book three of the Jagara series. That male is already speaking to me. I both look forward to and dread writing his story. It’s gonna be a rough one. I have a feeling that the more I know about him, the worse it will get.

But for now, I must get back to work.

Until next time,

❤ Mel

P.S. Don’t forget Teaser Tuesday tomorrow.  There will be another teaser from TCO.


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