Pirating Sucks!!!

I know it’s been a little while since I wrote a blog post, but I’ve been busy trying to put the finishing touches on the first draft of my current project. I just wanted to take a few minutes to address this pirating thing. I do want to say first that this DID NOT happen to me, and even though I’m not one to write about stuff like this in my blog, I thought it was a subject I wanted to address today.

No matter how you look at it, PIRATING IS STEALING! Authors work hard to put their stuff out there for others to enjoy, and they deserve to be paid for their work.

I saw a post on FB yesterday that got my blood boiling. There was a book lovers blog that was caught sending an unauthorized copy of a book (as a giveaway prize) to a fan that followed their page. Thankfully the person felt that the way it was being given to her was a little strange and contacted the author directly. From what I understand, it was a PDF version of the book intended to be for the blog to read and review the book. NOT to send to a private email without the author’s consent. Anyway, the bloggers were confronted and after A LOT of double talk and refusal to take responsibility for what they had done, the situation was solved…somewhat.

I personally was following the page and as soon as I read about what happened, I quickly hit ‘unlike’. I refuse to support someone who is doing this to authors. Blogs like that are what make me not want to trust people when it comes to putting myself out there. It is one thing to gift copies of books (Because you actually bought the copy of the book and are not reproducing it), but for someone to take advantage of an author like they did is insulting. Yeah, it has the potential to boost sales in the long run if the people getting the book liked it enough to buy later books, but it just rubs me wrong to think that someone could do that. I mean, what do they get out of it anyway. They aren’t selling the pirated copies. And the ones who are…Like I said, I would be freakin’ livid if that happened to me after I put my heart and so much of my time into my work. I feel for the authors it has happened to.

On a somewhat good note: The blog that I was talking about was shut down at some point between last night when I learned about it, and this morning. Also, their FB page was deleted. It just sucks that all they have to do is open another blog under a different name and start a new FB page.

The sad part is that there is no way to stop people from doing this. If it is in them to do it, they will always find a way. I guess you could make a positive out of a shitty situation and think of it this way…If someone thinks an author’s material good enough to pirate, it should be a compliment. ….But the reality is…IT SUCKS BALLS!! Big hairy, sweaty balls, and I hope it never happens to me.

Thanks for suffering through that. 😉 But now I want to end on a good note. Here is for the soon to come cheers of “FINALLY IT IS DONE!” The first draft of my current project will be finished very soon and my critique group, The Think Tank, will be getting it as soon as I finish reading over it one last time. 🙂 I am super excited about it too. It is so different from my previously published books and I can’t wait to see what they think.

Until next time…

Much Love

❤ ❤ ❤






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