A few more changes…or additions

Hey natives! I just wanted to stop in and let yall know that I have made a few additions to my website and my blog. I saw a Facebook post today about marketing and improving your blog and website. And while I had a number of the things, I was lacking some things that I hadn’t thought to include. 

#1. I had my author bio on my website, but not my blog…so I added that.

#2. I had my book info on my website, but that wasn’t on my blog either…I took care of that too.

#3. Reviews: I didn’t have any on my website or my blog, so I added some to both places.

#4. I also added links to sample chapters of each of my books too. (So anyone that hasn’t read my books yet, now’s your chance to get a little taste from each book. You’ll find the sample chapters in the BOOKS tab at the top of the page)


I will have another update coming soon. 🙂

❤ Mel




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