The thing about Mr. Grey…

First of all, I just want to say that I’m excited we finally get a peek into the world of Ms. Steele and her emotionally handicapped Dom.


Whether they loved Fifty Shades or hated it, everyone is talking about it this morning because of the trailer release.

Here’s a link to the Facebook post from E L James:

I may lose some followers because of this, but I want to say one thing. I am so tired of people saying, “He is not Christian Grey.” Obviously, he is. That’s who they chose, and I’m sure he is amazing. If you are butt-hurt because they didn’t choose the ‘right’ person, get over yourself. It’s done. The movie has been made. If you don’t like the choice, don’t watch the movie. It’s that simple.

One thing that people don’t understand is that everyone has a different vision of ANY character in the books they read. But here’s the thing…if we are lucky enough to get a movie version of our favorite book, we aren’t the ones who make the decision on who plays the part. Whether you love it, hate it, or could give a shit, just like with everything else in life, everyone has their own opinion. Deal with it. Not everyone is going to agree with you.

So, in closing, I just want to say that I don’t care who is playing Mr. Grey, or Ms. Steele for that matter. February can’t get here soon enough.


Anyway, have a good one. Until next time,



One thought on “The thing about Mr. Grey…

  1. In addition:
    I want to be clear about something. When I said I was tired of people saying that JD isn’t Christian Grey, I was talking about the people getting pissed about the character choices and starting ridiculous fights on Facebook, forums, and blogs. Grow up people! It’s a movie!

    Ok, I’m done now. lol ❤

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