“Words and Music”


I know it’s been a while since I dropped in for an update or just for some randomness, but I’ve been busy trying to put finishing touches on the second draft of my ‘secret project’. I had something on my mind so I thought I’d share with yall before I get to work for the day.

Like the title says, “Words and Music” is the topic for today. Which makes me think of Eddie & the Cruisers.

        Long Live Eddie!
Long Live Eddie!

Music can be hugely inspirational when it comes to my writing. The words of a song–or even the way the music makes me feel–can trigger something within me that just spills the words onto paper. Or my computer. lol

For a while, my writing got a little…stale. Though I knew where my current story was going, I just didn’t have a way to get there. The words just weren’t coming. That’s when I realized my writing wasn’t really going anywhere because there hasn’t been anything new added to my writing playlist in a while. Recently, though, I had some songs pique my interest. I added a few yesterday that have me wanting to move back to my other series, but I have to finish my current project first. It’s so close to being done and I’m twitchy to get it to agents. Which reminds me…I have a submission package to prepare.

So, I know some of these aren’t new songs, but they are my newest additions to my writing playlist. Some of them added just because they have been stuck in my head lately.

Don’t Fear The Reaper–Gus

Stay With Me–Sam Smith



Burning Desire–Lana Del Rey

Desire–Matthew Mayfield

So, that being said (or typed, rather) I’m gonna get to it as soon as I finish this interview I’m doing for another blog. I’ll keep yall posted on that. Do you know how hard it is for me to answer questions about myself? lol. I’d rather answer questions about my characters. 🙂

Anyway. Until next time,

Much Love,



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