Freedom of speech?

Okay, I just have to get something off of my chest. I’ve noticed a lot of hate being slung around lately on Facebook. And a lot of it is directed at photographers. Really people?! First of all…get a freaking life and stop reporting people just because you don’t like what they are about. You don’t want to see it? UNLIKE THEIR PAGE! It’s that freakin’ simple.

Whoosah! Okay. Second? I just have to say how ridiculous the ‘reporting’ is. I mean, it drives me crazy that pages like MichaelStokesPhotography, that celebrates not only the beauty of the human body, but the spirit of those who have sacrificed for their country just so asshats like them (the ones stirring up the shit) can continue to have the freedom to voice their stupid opinions. I mean, come on. You want to report something? Report all the hate groups blasting social media. Oh wait, Facebook refuses to ban those because it’s freedom of speech.

Anyway…rant over. I have a project to try and finish.

Much Love,


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