I write…

…to release the words rattling around in my head, to satisfy a deep passion inside me. I write to create new worlds and travel to them without leaving the comfort of my home.

I live what I write. Male or female, I am my characters, the ones who speak to me when I am still or when I am overwhelmed, when I am alone or in a crowded room. They come to me in dreams, in everyday life, in songs that I hear or in the words of those around me.

The beasts inside me wont relent until their stories are told, so I must listen carefully and obey them…or risk going insane.

They speak to me, saying things I cannot, telling me their secrets and the stories of how they came to be, of how they found themselves, and how they want to be portrayed. To ignore them would be a crime against those who would read their stories and fall in love with them just as I have.

I write because it’s who I am, because the things around me inspire me, because I want to entertain people who share my passion for a good love story with a wild side, and because I want to leave a piece of myself when, one day, I leave this world behind.

❤ Mel


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