The Beast Is Coming!

ADVENTURES TO COME…2dfb9e4a-4c5b-483c-828e-9e65e64ecc70


“Life sometimes gets in the way of writing, but when a writer’s own mind gets in the way,
the voices of the characters go quiet.”
-Melaina Rayne

That is what happened with book three of The Jagara Series. I tried so hard to make the story work that my mind refused to hear the voices. I was frustrated because I knew where the story was going [is going] but I simply couldn’t write. The harder I tried to write, the less they spoke to me. Until recently. Things changed, but not in the way I expected.

With the help of my hubby and my insider, my new path was laid out before me. And that is where a new journey begins. A journey to the land of beasts…beasts of another breed…

To all of you that have been with me since the beginning, it is time for our beloved beast to finally have his happily ever after. Gavril has come a very long way. He has been through the ringer that is my Think Tank and he will soon be in the hands of my editor.

After Given is published, and while I wait for the Jagara people to speak to me again, I will follow the voices of The Descendants and see where they take me.

Until next time,


COMING 2015!

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