Absence and a change of paths…

Hey natives. I know I haven’t been very active on any of my social media and I haven’t written a blog post in forever, but there’s been a lot on my plate lately. With everything that’s going on in my personal/family life (nothing terrible I assure you) I’ve been a little out of my element for a while. Ever since Gavril was unleashed I’ve just not been myself, and have been thoroughly aggravated with all my scatter-brained attempts at writing.

Fortunately, I have been reading again, and thanks to a certain Lord of The Manor, I’ve been a little inspired. I recently was drawn back to a ‘side project’ of mine that I’ve had in idea form for a while, and plotting for that is coming along nicely. It’s also turning into something much bigger than originally anticipated, and I cant wait to really dig into it.

Just for fun: here are some images that have been quite inspiring for this project…



Hopefully everything goes well and the words just come to me. I’m so anxious to get deeper into this story.

Until next time,



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