Getting Reorganized…

My need for reorganization became abundantly clear when I started working on my current project. I went in search of notes I’d written a while back for this particular story and it took me thirty-ish minutes to find what I was looking for. Mainly because my notes are now as scattered as my mind.

When I first started writing, I was very organized. I had a binder for each series. In those binders I kept all my notes on each story, series details, names lists, character profiles, family trees, lists of terms and definitions, list of special abilities, and whatever else went along with that particular series. But at some point a couple years ago, I went rogue and started collecting these notepads, journals, and notebooks. Now I have book notes scattered all over the place, and there isn’t an empty notebook or journal anywhere in my house. I have a serious problem. lol

My goal is to get back to how things were before, and maybe my scattered mind will regain some order and I’ll get back into my writing groove. So that’s my weekend (and probably beyond) project. Complete reorganization.

Wish me luck.


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