About Melaina

“No matter how scary the road ahead may seem, never be afraid to chase your dreams.”

-Melaina Rayne

Author of both Paranormal Romance and Romantic Fantasy

Melaina Rayne was born and raised in Louisiana, and inherited her love of storytelling from her dad, who told her and her sister of his life adventures from the time they were old enough to understand the words. Melaina has always been a daydreamer and hopeless romantic with a bit of a wild spirit, and though her bookshelf contains mainly paranormal romance, she believes that a great love story transcends the boundaries of genre. She currently lives in New Mexico with her family, where she is a full-time wife, mother, and writer. She broke into publishing with her jaguar shifter series, The Jagara, and she has many more stories to come from that world, as well as her new romantic fantasy series titled Warriors of Lykarthia.


Much Thanks

…to my family, friends, and my loyal Facebook fans:

Thank you for continuing to support, encourage, and inspire me. I wouldn’t be enjoying this journey as much without yall.

 ❤ Mel