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About The Cherished One:



Not all fairy tales have happy endings…

…But Ava Brayda learns that even though her parents’ deaths were tragic they shared a love like no other. Ava will soon find a love to rival theirs when she is awakened to a world she thought only existed in the stories her aunt told her when she was a child.

D’mitri Montez has suffered unbearable loneliness while forced to watch his twin brother find his own mate and start a family. Now that D’mitri’s mate has finally come, he thinks he has it made, until he has to face his worst fear…

…the possibility of losing the one he has waited so long for.



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What’s in store for 2016?

The Coming YearWho freakin’ knows?!

2015 had its ups and downs, but for the most part, it was another great year. Now, I have a lot to look forward to with the coming of the new year, and here are just a few of them:

  • A homecoming (and I don’t mean the stupid high school dance)
  • A visit from my bestie who lives a gazillion miles away, on the other side of the country.
  • Get to visit my family back home and see my daughter (who is now in college.) I haven’t seen her since July!
  • And of course…more writing, and loads of new discoveries about myself, my writing, movies, books, music…and more.

I don’t know where my writing will take me this year, but I’m hoping to get much more done in 2016 than I did in 2015. On the menu, but not necessarily on my plate yet:

  • Book #2 of the Warriors of Lykarthia series. This is Alarik’s story. Title is still in debate. A lot will be unleashed in this book, including a beast that will surprise some people…some crazy…some growing…and a little bit of confusion.
  • Book #3 of the Jagara Series. I’m still iffy on this story. Not the content, but the order. I know the one currently in the #3 spot will change things for the Jagara people. It will be a change that some may see coming in a way, but there will be loads of unexpected stuff…and as always, yummy Jagara men.
  • A little side project that has grown into something I never expected. It started out as a short story that was to be a part of a collection, but as I plot things out with my insider, we discover that the story goes far beyond what could ever be told in such few words. At a minimum, this will be a large novella, but if it continues to grow, it could take multiple books to tell the story. In fact, it has the potential to turn into a trilogy, which I never thought possible for me. But we’ll see how it goes once I really dig into it.
  • Also, I’m feeling a little like going back to the book that started this whole journey for me, and doing some much needed editing. Who knows when or if I will ever publish this one…but the good news is that because of something I discovered in another of my series, I know the whys and hows of the main idea of this particular series.

I would love to finish at least one of these before 2016 is over, but it would be amazing to finish more. In the meantime, I’m enjoying my little break.

Until next time.
Keep chasing your dreams. The road ahead isn’t as scary as it seems.

Much Love,



The Beast Is Coming!

ADVENTURES TO COME…2dfb9e4a-4c5b-483c-828e-9e65e64ecc70


“Life sometimes gets in the way of writing, but when a writer’s own mind gets in the way,
the voices of the characters go quiet.”
-Melaina Rayne

That is what happened with book three of The Jagara Series. I tried so hard to make the story work that my mind refused to hear the voices. I was frustrated because I knew where the story was going [is going] but I simply couldn’t write. The harder I tried to write, the less they spoke to me. Until recently. Things changed, but not in the way I expected.

With the help of my hubby and my insider, my new path was laid out before me. And that is where a new journey begins. A journey to the land of beasts…beasts of another breed…

To all of you that have been with me since the beginning, it is time for our beloved beast to finally have his happily ever after. Gavril has come a very long way. He has been through the ringer that is my Think Tank and he will soon be in the hands of my editor.

After Given is published, and while I wait for the Jagara people to speak to me again, I will follow the voices of The Descendants and see where they take me.

Until next time,


COMING 2015!

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Future Insider’s Guide for The Jagara Series

insider's guide banner

Ever wanted to know what happens in the lives of your favorite characters after a book ends? Ever wished you could ask them questions or learn more about the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff?

In my free time I’ll be putting together an Insider’s Guide for The Jagara series, and here’s your chance to be involved. Me and my ‘insider’ will be interviewing the twins and their women, and I wanted to include some questions from the natives. So, fire away and I’ll choose some questions to throw into the interviews.

This is going to be fun. 🙂 I’ll keep yall post on the progress and maybe even share a thing or two before it’s finished. Until next time…

Much Love,


Unavoidable Delays

Hey everybody,

I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unless the miracle happens and I get a wild writing hair, the third Jagara book will not be released this spring. I’m not sure when it will be out but it will definitely be delayed.

Due to personal happenings and just plain lack of my characters speaking to me, I haven’t written very much of Unbroken. This saddens me because not only have I been dying to write this particular story, but I know how excited and impatient some of you are for the next book.

There is a shimmer of silver lining though. After talking it out with my insider, I realized (partially) where the story is going. Unfortunately, it isn’t where I thought. UNBROKEN can’t be told in a single book, so it will progress throughout several others. Depending on how it plays out, it may eventually be finished as an individual story. Until I know for sure, I am contemplating the book I originally had as book #3 of The Jagara Series, which is still untitled at the moment.

I am gonna take a couple weeks off from writing to spend some time with the family and catch up on some reading…or re-reading. 😉 And after I finish my much needed break, I’m gonna dig back into the Jagara series…hopefully with a fresh mind. It’s times like these when I’m glad to be an Indie. No deadlines to stress over, but I am always hopeful for either an easier/cheaper way to promote my work or to catch the eye of a good agent.

On a good note: I was able to get my ‘secret project’ finished and after my Think Tank/Beta Readers tore into it, I rewrote a few parts and added some things. I know there will be more edits once it’s in the hands of my editor. Unfortunately, I’m not sure when that will be. But I will keep yall posted with any updates.

Until next time,



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More Changes For The New Year…

The New Year is usually seen as a time to make a fresh start. Sometimes, for some people, it can mean starting over completely. For an author though, the idea of starting over is terrifying…especially if you’ve made a ton of progress…even if it isn’t in the direction you’d hoped to go. Sometimes an unanticipated direction can be a good thing, but sometimes  you just need to step away from whatever project you are working on and clear your head.
Well, I am in serious need of a reboot. I haven’t had enough daily time away from my current project, so everything is jumbled in my head right now. I have so much I want to say, and I can’t make out plainly how I want to say it, but relief is coming soon. I am taking some time off of writing because I just need to get distracted for a little while. I do have my natives waiting for book three of The Jagara Series, so I’m hoping a little time off will do me some good and it will work toward getting me beyond this traffic jam in my head, and out of this funk I’ve been in. In the mean time, I’m gonna be working on edits to my ‘secret project’.
After FINALLY understanding what my editors and a reviewer meant by showing vs telling when writing, I got a few reference books to help me a little, and I’m already seeing a huge improvement in my writing style. I just hope my readers see it as well when book three finally comes out.
I’m not usually good with change, but I know with change comes growth and new possibilities. There is going to be a lot of new for me coming with the end of 2014 and the arrival of 2015. Not just with my evolving writing style, but I am also in the process of redoing my website. So far I’m liking the new layouts. I only have to wait for one detail before I can get it back up and running.

Also, I was recently introduced to a new social network called Tsu. It looks interesting and I think it could be good for me….all except for the fact that it gives me one more distraction from writing. Maybe it wont be so bad, but I’m curious to see how it progresses.

That’s all for now. So, until next time,
♥ Mel

Happy Monday!

I just wanted to stop in and say a Happy Monday to my natives! I also wanted say thank you to all the people who have bought TCO so far. I look forward to your feedback. There was a lot of love put into the book, and not just from me. I hope everybody loves D’mitri and Ava’s story as much as I do.

Things are about to get ugly in the Jagara world. And I hope you all are as excited about the next Jagara story as I am to start writing it. Once I finish my current project, I may announce who Jagara book #3 is going to be about.

Anyway, now that everything has settled down a bit with TCO on my end, I’m gonna go dig back into my secret project. 🙂 There are some bad guys that need an old-fashioned ass whoopin’. 😀

Hope everybody has a great week.
Until next time…

❤ Mel